Upcoming Events at Valhalla Equestrian

  • January 12-14, 2018 Texas Hunter-Jumper Horseman’s Forum
    at Valhalla Equestrian with Bernie Traurig & Julie Winkel

    Texas Hunter-Jumper Horseman’s Forum at Valhalla Equestrian
    Bernie Traurig & Julie Winkel  - Jan.12-14, 2018

    Thank you to those of you that have registered for the Horseman's Forum next weekend with Bernie Traurig & Julie Winkel here at Valhalla Equestrian.
    Sadly we are having to cancel the clinic due to low numbers and conflicting horse shows. Those of you that have already submitted your deposit or full payment, your refund will be sent to you shortly.

    Please keep an eye out in your emails, social media and Valhalla's website for our new clinic date!

    Happy New Year everyone, and we hope to see you soon  at Valhalla Equestrian!
    Anne Hedge & Kathy Brooks
    Valhalla Equestrian

  • March 2 & 4, 2018 Buck Brannaman Clinic
    Buck Brannaman will be conducting a Foundation and a  Horsemanship 1 Class.  Each class is $700 (total) for 3 days with a nonrefundable deposit of $200.  Foundation is 9-12 and H1 is 1:30-4:30.  There is a 1-1/2 hour break for lunch. 

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  • March 16-18th                    Bernie Traurig Clinic
  • March 25th                           Fairfield Dressage Show
  • April 7-8th                             DHJSC Show
  • April 22nd                              Fairfield Dressage Show
  • May 12-14th                        NTHJC Show
  • June 2-4th                             DHJSC Club Show
  • June 17th                              Fairfield Dressage Show
  • September 9th                   Fairfield Dressage Show
  • September 24-25th           DHJSC Show
  • September 28-29th           NTHJC Show
  • November 18th                  Fairfield Dressage Year End Show


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